Half Moon Bay Sunday

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Two weeks ago we had a typical Californian Sunday: picnic on the Beach, walk on the Beach, and Beach activities but only from afar... just by looking at the surfers I felt exhausted as it looks incredibly diffcult and technical, when a proper wave does happen. They seem to spend a lot of time just waiting for it. But we must try one day if we want to receive our Degree On Californian Beach Life !
The Pacific ocean, as stated previously, is incredibly cold in the SF Bay, hence the wet suits by which you differentiate the San Franciscan surfers from the L.A. surfers...
P1170012 Half Bay Moon
Half Bay Moon P1170050 
The seaside had really nice houses and one really Viking-style New Age... it was a bit like being transfered into the Myst video game. Notice its special ladder to access the beach, one side for human beings, the other for the surf board!
Half Bay Moon Half Bay Moon
 Half Bay Moon Half Bay Moon
Surprisingly gigantic succulent plants:
P1170092 P1170079
And the compulsory cheesy sunset pictures:
Half Bay Moon Half Bay Moon

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pierrette 14/12/2009 13:59

Extra de lire ton blog régulièrement Nad. Et j'adore ton angalis ! Qu'est-ce que c'est "afar" ? Même dans mon très gros harraps & shorter je ne l'ai pas trouvé ! Baisers à toutes les deux.

C&N 14/12/2009 17:49

mercis Pierrette pour les compliments.

"afar" veut dire de loin, a distance.
Nos dictionnaires etant qlq part au milieu de l'Atlantique, j'utilise ce tres bon dictionnaire on-line:
Vous pouvez aussi y poser des questions ds le forum, sur des tournures de phrases specifiques au francais ou anglais tjs tres difficile a traduire d'une langue a l'autre.

mathilde delestre 14/12/2009 10:22

Hello Nad, nice to see your pictures and especially the one with the surfers...! Do you reckon the sea is colder than on our scottish coast: 14-17 in the summer and 8-12 in the early winter?
I enjoy reading regularly your blog, that's great! Thanks for these 'exotic' news. hello to C.

C&N 14/12/2009 17:43

coucou mathilde,

on a bcp pense a vous cette journee. oui, je suis sure que l'eau est definitivement plus froide ici, ms au moins qd tu sors y'a le soleil pour te rechauffer!

Fabienne 14/12/2009 09:56

Très chouettes photos !
On s'ennuie pas à SF !

C&N 14/12/2009 17:50

voui y'a pire comme lieu de vilegiature