Ghost Town

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What an odd day, this one spent on Treasure Island...

What Wikipedia says about it:
"Treasure Island is
a manmade island in the San Francisco Bay created in 1936-1937 for the Golden Gate International Exposition. It was used as an airport for Pan American Airline's Pacific Rim service of flying boats, of which the China Clipper is an example. After the Fair of the Golden Gate International Exposition, the island was scheduled to be used as an airport when the Navy offered to exchange Mills Field on the San Francisco Peninsula near the city of Millbrae for the island. The City and County of San Francisco accepted the swap, and the airport was built at Mills Field. During World War II, Treasure Island became part of the Treasure Island Naval Base, and served largely as an electronics and radio communications training school, and as the major Navy departure point for sailors in the Pacific. In 1997, Treasure Island and the Presidio Army Base were decommissioned" ...hence

What I saw: a Ghost Town made of metallic structures, closed shops, abandoned houses, infinite streets with no end or beginning, a tortured Nature, very few Human Beings or even cars, an eerie silence. Strangely, not to be able to fathom this phantom place made my time there a trully unique and disconcerting experience. Furthermore, its superb 180 degre view on SF and the Bay makes it the best spot for a reclusive and meditative lunch so far. 

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