Filoli Garden, CA

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A very hot and sunny Sunday spent in a lovely garden, a few miles away from Ce's workplace (a good thing she has to work almost every week-end!). 

History of Filoli

After the 1906 earthquake, many wealthy San Franciscan families relocated to the Peninsula and built large estates. A number of these families had made their fortunes in the railroad, mining, banking and mercantile boom of America's Gilded Age. Filoli is the last of these estates remaining on all of its original 654 acres. It was built by Mr. and Mrs Williams Bowers Bourn II between 1917 and 1936. In 1975, the property was given by its last owner, Mrs. Roth, to the National Trust for History Preservation.

The name Filoli comes from Mr. Bourn credo: "Fight for a just cause; Love your fellow man; Live a good life."

The Main entrance

Filoli Garden, CA

The back of the house

Filoli Garden, CA-3

The stunning swimming-pool and its unbelievable blue water. We were so frustrated to not be allowed to use it! Especially with a temperature of almost 35 degrees! We sat there for one hour just day dreaming about winning the lottery...Imagine the BBQ parties here! Some of the staff and their families who are lucky enough to live at Filoli can use the swimming pool, before and after opening-hours, tough.

Filoli Garden, CA-12

Some bits of the superb garden - part of the lawn is being replaced, hence the bare patches.

Filoli Garden, CA-6

Filoli Garden, CA-26

Specimens from the orchard.

Filoli Garden, CA-19 Filoli Garden, CA-21Filoli Garden, CA-23 Filoli Garden, CA-24Filoli Garden, CA-28

Filoli Garden, CA-37


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