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A silly post to please my XY' readers.
We have to buy a vehicle at the end of this month, but we need your help to decide which one we should go for.
Here are the contestants:
The cool ones

The Handy one

The ones I want...

The Dolce Vita ones
The carbon footprint-conscious ones

the Plenty-of-room-to park one

The ...oh well forgot this one!

Votes accepted up to the end of this Month!
XX's ones welcome too of course....

NB: for people who haven't been living with a Biologist for 11 years, XY=boys, XX=girls, this refers to your chromosomes ;-)

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Pierrette 21/11/2009 08:45

Je vous imagine très bien avec la bicyclette-tigre. A moins que ce soit une bicyclette-abeille. Mais la 1ere hypothèse pourrait permettre d'en avoir une seconde en bicyclette-panthere !

Derek 15/11/2009 17:14

From these options, I would go either with the zeppelin or Karmann Ghia, although you're in San Francisco, so you really should go for an electric vehicle.