Sausalito & its houseboat community

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Official annoucement: on Saturday the 3rd of July 2010, we discovered the craziest, funniest, loveliest "village" on Earth. Shame some stupid moronic people had to build a motorway right behind it!!! 

On Saturday morning, we took a ferry to cross the bay and go to Sausalito, situated 7 miles north from San Francisco, to visit its floating houses community. It has evolved from the free-spirited artists, shipbuilders and writers who lived aboard the arks and the various types of boats which were informally anchored in San Francisco Bay beginning in th 1800's. 
We saw a wide variety of houseboats situated in the Main Dock, Gate 6 1/2 (?!) and Issaquah Dock. You still can see a few of the battered survivors from the old era of improvised houseboats old decades past. The docks are adorned with flowers, trees and the craziest decorative junk you can imagine! A Tour is organised once a year, but from the reviews we read it was a good thing to do it in our own: no line, no time limitation, no nothing! We stayed a good 5 hours just wandering around, dreaming of living there. Just dreaming as, for most docks, the noise level coming from the motorway is a total deal-breaker for me (I can't sleep with the noise of a fan on...), oh and the houses prices are just a huge joke (one of them is available for rent for the hefty price of $10,000/month... It has 2 bedrooms though! ;-). So, no need to say that it's not pennyless hippies living there anymore...

Docks entrance

Sausalito houseboat Community - 10 Sausalito houseboat Community - 74

The superb and unique docks decoration

Sausalito houseboat Community - 15 Sausalito houseboat Community - 19

Sausalito houseboat Community - 23 Sausalito houseboat Community - 17

 Sausalito houseboat Community - 25 Sausalito houseboat Community - 16

  Sausalito houseboat Community - 22 

Sausalito houseboat Community - 29 Sausalito houseboat Community - 42Sausalito houseboat Community - 63

The Houses 

The incredibly varied  and rich architecture ranges from the tiny simple cubes to very gigantic   sophisticated ones. There is a Swiss chalet too and some purple and yellow things that seems escaped from a Disney movie. Most of the houses have a dock at the back with canoes or boat/catamarans attached to it. We even saw a seaplane (definitively more stylish than your average SUV!)

Sausalito houseboat Community - 26 Sausalito houseboat Community - 35

Sausalito houseboat Community - 28 Sausalito houseboat Community - 37

The first tiny red one used to be a War ship during WWII!

Sausalito houseboat Community - 39 Sausalito houseboat Community - 32

Sausalito houseboat Community - 82 Sausalito houseboat Community - 75

Sausalito houseboat Community - 11 Sausalito houseboat Community - 50

There's still some space, where I could put a floating library, we thought... imagine delivering the books by boat ;-)

Sausalito houseboat Community - 59 Sausalito houseboat Community - 61

Sausalito houseboat Community - 79 Sausalito houseboat Community - 78

There are 9 docks, I believe, we saw only 4-5. We've made many more photos, check them out in the Sausalito album I've created.

The local means of transportation (see what I meant by "Stoopid motorway!)

Sausalito (Houses-boat) - 164 

Sausalito (Houses-boat) - 271 Sausalito (Houses-boat) - 229

There seems to be a great sense of community there. You feel peace in this place, and it is not an easy catch-line: we talked to one of the resident who would not live anywhere else!

Sausalito houseboat Community - 18 

Sausalito houseboat Community - 84 Sausalito houseboat Community - 45 Sausalito houseboat Community - 87

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Sandrine 12/07/2010 11:00

Superbe ! Magnifiques photos comme d'hab" ! C un régal de pouvoir voyager à travers vos yeux !! C un coin vraiment "hors US" ....

pierrette 06/07/2010 15:20

oui, c'est pas mal, mais connais-tu Saoû, Nad ?
... Je veux dire que c'est aussi exceptionnellement beau ce village aux maisons-bateaux, bien sûr !