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Just some random pictures taken in the last few days.

Their really first day in the kindergarden on Saturday morning. Parents and pets were rather stressed, but everything went well except for a huge black ball of fur, twice the size of Petit Gris ie 4 times the size of Gribouille, who was not happy to have to share her/his domain...

On Sunday we were meant to see an exhibition but stopped by "mistake" in Market St, at Bloomingdales... and then Macy's. So a trouser, a matching scarf, a matching jumper of the former matching, and a coat to match them later...the Museum was closed (cough, cough of embarrassment).
Interesting  malls anyway.

Visit at Macy's and its famous Cheese Cake Factory rooftop terrace... I will soon make a food-special and you'll be able to discover the incredible cakes with their calory-per-serving labels!

Festive season is on its way even in countries where it's more than 20C during the weird!

Tamed Mother Nature and friends...


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finance dissertation 26/11/2009 15:09

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

Celine 24/11/2009 19:06

Celine ne quitte pas son echarpe parce que des que le soleil se couche, on se les pele (pelle?) a SF! ;-)
Evidemment on a cherche partout si on voyait Penny et ses acolytes de BigBangTheory... mais hum, voyons, c'est pas le mardi le rdv au CheeseCakeFactory? On devrait y aller verifier ce soir... les
assiettes ont l'air sacrement bonnes, sans compter les cakes a 1500calories la portion!
Grosses bises

PA 24/11/2009 14:32

"famous Cheese Cake Factory", hohoho, have you seen Penny somewhere ? and all the rest of the big "band" therory....

Cecile 24/11/2009 13:55

Il a beau faire 20°... ma petite Celine ne quitte pas son écharpe !!! Hi hi hi ...
Oh, merci , O Grand Ventilateur ;-)))

C&N 25/11/2009 19:13

Non, Ce ne quitte JAMAIS et son echarppe et son tablier...

pierrette 24/11/2009 08:05

Merci merci pour ces articles qui donnent de bonnes nouvelles de vous, et enrichissent, rafraichissent tant mon vocabulaire ... D'ici quelques mois je serai prête pour un voyage aux US !