Napa Valley

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After leaving the usual cluster of ugly built-up areas surrounding SF, we arrived in the Napa Valley and its lovely vineyards.

Napa Valley - 142 Napa Valley - 6Napa Valley - 87

First stop at Yountville: a tad bit touristy fake but still an enjoyable stop.

Napa Valley - 17

A superb warehouse reconverted in a very posh 'market' (warning: not food market, touristy market)

Napa Valley - 26 Napa Valley - 58Napa Valley - 34 Napa Valley - 39Napa Valley - 30 Napa-Valley---40.jpg

We then passed an impressive building that was none other than the CIA! Otherwise known as the Culinary Institute of America ("Ecole Hoteliere" for the French readers). No need to say that we had to stop. This place is a paradise for amateurs & professional cooks. And their shop is just a-ma-zing! Ce was as delighted and thrilled as a little kid in a toys shop. I had to refrain her to buy all their stock! 

Napa Valley - 140

Napa Valley - 100 Napa Valley - 123

While Ce was roaming with delight around the Culinary shop aisles, I saw the most hilarious and original collection of cork screws:

Napa Valley - 102 Napa Valley - 103Napa Valley - 107 Napa Valley - 109Napa Valley - 114 Napa Valley - 116
Napa Valley - 118 Napa Valley - 106

Ce's Magic Land (and mine as I will enjoy those toys in the best way possible). 

The best cooking pans ever! French, what else...?

Napa Valley - 125

Napa Valley - 133 Napa Valley - 135

I was not allowed to buy these ones below... I start seeing the point of having kids now ;)

Napa Valley - 132

The Lecture Theater where a Wine-tasting course was about to take place.

Napa Valley - 111 Napa Valley - 112

Next stop:the Chateau Montelena winery. A huge disappointment for me as I naively  expected a real beautiful historical castle a la Scottish, and not an awful pretentious american one a la Disney (what you see on the picture is just a facade added to a  very ordinary house, cheaters!).The very small Japanese garden barely made up for the frustration. We did not even try their wines, as we are not very big on red wine by 40 degres (100F) at 3pm. It may have been a mistake as this wine maker is the one that revealed Californian wines amongst the world-best in Paris, in 1976. One of the winner wine bottle (1973) has just been auctioned for $11,000 for charity...

Napa Valley - 149 Napa Valley - 160 Napa Valley - 162

Back home, we stopped again at the Sausalito Floating Houses to enjoy the decks we did not see the first time we came there. The evening light and still water were perfect elements for nice pics. The pink pirate boat (3rd photo) is waiting for a new owner by the way...

Sausalito houseboat Community - 9-copie-1

Sausalito houseboat Community - 20-copie-1 Sausalito houseboat Community - 3-copie-1

We left a sunny, clear and warm Sausalito (20 mn drive from SF) for that...

Foggy SF - 5 Foggy SF - 9Foggy SF - 1 Foggy SF - 4

...and if pictures can talk, they will tell you: "Summer in SF is *insert explitive* cold (!), which really requires some feel-good pastry making-eating with our brand new toys.

P1010954.JPG P1010955-copie-1.JPG

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Cecile 16/08/2010 08:31

Superbes photos ! Je suis sous le charme ! Il faudra se faire un weekend dans le coin... et ramener des moules en forme de labrador ! ;-)

C&N 16/08/2010 18:36

a faire au printemps. des moules labrador? Excellente idee

pierrette 30/07/2010 17:13

Il y avait une recette de madeleines avec le moule ? et vous avez obtenu des vraies madeleines comme en France ? Bon appétit !

C&N 16/08/2010 18:38

L'internaute section cuisine est notre bible

Au 3eme essais elles etaient "comme a la maison", delicieuses dc.

gwen 27/07/2010 22:22

Super photos, super histoire, j'adore, continuez a envoyer des news les filles!

C&N 27/07/2010 23:31

Premier rayons de soleil en 10 jours et un message de Sexy Gwen, la vie est bien faite parfois Merci pour les
encouragements et compliments.