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I could not have had 2 more different days between my visit to the SF Library on Tuesday and Japantown the day after. Thus, my bus stop for the Library was right in the middle of the Tenderloin area, which is considered as the “seedy part of SF”. I confirm. Lot of lost souls, sleazy Adults-only (tautology?) shops and shady onlookers contribute to generate a very uncomfortable atmosphere. I was extremelly happy that it was daylight. We probably won’t take you there when you come to visit!

So what a relief to visit Japantown on Wednesday with its very serene and peaceful mood.

San Francisco's Japantown or "Nihonmachi" is the largest and oldest in the United States with 15,000 Japanese people. However, they say it is only a shadow of what it once was before World War II with its 100,000 Japanese-American inhabitants, including lots of Latino-Japanese Americans. Being a bit slow, it took me 2 minutes to figure out what it meant... but waouh what a great mix! A Sushi Burrito anyone?

I spent hours drooling at its Sushi restaurants, wandering within the Kintestu and Miyako Malls, "admiring" the cheesy souvenirs sold in the Kinokuniya Building and more strolling in the Kinokuniy bookstore that features hundreds of Japanese titles and Mangas.

But I am not naive enough to believe that this is even close to what a Japanese town looks like.  Surely as real as Little Paris in Los Angeles, but still a very enjoyable day.

We might take you there on your first day!

Yummy! Whatever it is...

 Two of my favourite books translated in Japanese:

More local

It looks like in Japanese culture, the Brunette plays the Dumb-Girl-That-Die-in-Scarry-movie, even more than the Blonde!

and more....

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