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Haaa the 1967’s Summer of Love…its free love, drugs, and music. It must have been something. Wish you had been there too?

So yesterday the sleeping Hippie that I probably would not have been able to be, went to the very centre of the Hippie culture and the neighbourhood that captured the world’s imagination in the 60’s: Haight Street.

Nonconformity is the rule here. For this reason, you will see very few chain stores or tacky T-shirts shops. Typically, a few years back a public ire forced the closing of a Gap store!

Below is the picture of the most famous intersection and the nexus of the hippie movement.

What did I see then?

First, the Bound Together Bookstore, a non-for-profit, volunteer-run bookshop otherwise known as an "Anarchist Collective". Titles here include works by the Che, Henry David Thoreau, and Noam Chomsky, as well as the yellow pages for Anarchists!
I spent quite a long time there, pretending to be reading books I have no idea what they were about, but mostly listening to the extremelly interesting and heated discussion between the guy at the desk and one costumer about food repartition in the World and its obvious political repercussions...Sounds boring? Was actually riveting and eye-opening.
I realised how abysmal my knowledge of Anarchist theories is! Shame on me...

Another intriguing stop is the Pipe Dreams aka 'the Oldest Smoke Shop in SF". Hundreds of water pipes share shelf space with lighters and incence.

I will soon make an article about the numerous stunning murals in San Francisco, but I can not resist to show you this particular one.


Yes, I was speechless too...

This Rainbow mural, of sligthy better taste, depicts the story of evolution painted in 1967 by artist Yana Zegri.  She still returns from Florida to touch it up from time to time.

Random pics


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hélène much et marg 18/11/2009 16:33

On voit que l'aclimatation se passe bien ... pas de regret d'avoir quitté l'écosse? On vous l'avait dit, SF est vraiment super! Bies à toutes les deux.