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 Saturday 8th-Sunday 9th November

On Saturday we drove to the Muir Woods National Monument up North to see the legendary redwoods (up to 250 feet/76m tall, 14 feet/4 m in diameter and over 1000 years old!)

Regrettably, it was the destination of half of Californian population too...Our plans of an undisturbed and quiet stroll in the woods were severely thwarted as I calculated that the Human Beings-trees ratio was very much in disfavour of the vegetal element.

When the bipeds outnumbered green plants in a Forest you know that there is a problem, therefore we decided to change our plans and took the coastal road.

By the way, it does help to live with the calmest and coolest person on Earth, as Ce never commented about the fact that the drive took us 90 minutes rather than the 30 specified in Google map, and that it was MY idea to come here...If you have any connection with the Vatican, ask them how does it work to canonize a living person.

But our misadventure turned out to be a blessing in disguise, since we had our first picnic on American soil in an amazing spot: the Muir Beach overlook.
Because of its strategically location, 2 bunkers were built here in 1942. It was an observation post to repeal any potential enemy attacks from sea.

After our lunch we went on the Highway 1, aka the Shoreline Highway, to reach the lovely Stinson Beach


The welcoming poster says:
"Great White sharks live in this waters.
A shark attacked occured here in 6 feet water".

Like it is not enough that the water is unbelievably cold!

Those guys must have skipped A LOT of Reading lessons at School

On Sunday we went to the Conservatory of Flowers in the Golden Gate Park, which is a very fine piece of architecture in itself. A big and nice surprise came from the fact that cars aren't allowed in the park on Sundays, which made a totally different feeling than being surrounded by 100s of cars passing you at 50mph - our previous experience a few years ago.

I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to see their celebrated gigantic waterlilly, but its absence was hugely compensated by the plants and flowers on display.

We have to concede that it is much much less impressive than the Royal Botanical Garden in Edinburgh, though... Nobody beats Britain for gardens! but hum...did I mention that it was around 26C here on Sunday

To conclude a lovely weekend, I took Ce to the Haight where we had the best burger and pecan pie ever...


That's it for now!

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Derek 15/11/2009 17:04

This sounds like a great day. We spent a long weekend staying in rented houses on Stinson Beach and even with the very cold water, it was an amazing place. I was particularly surprised to see small
cactus-like plants right on the edge of the beach. This doesn't happen in Washington state. Enjoy the burgers!

sandrine 11/11/2009 12:14

Superbes photos ! Gros bisous ! On va faire une ballade, à pied pour moi en vélo pour Tristan ! Ensuite on ira au ciné ( c'est férié comme vous le savez). Cyril vient de partir au boulot. Le chat
parti ... Big bisous. Bonne journée.

Keith H. Brown 09/11/2009 23:06

I take it you were calculating the people to Redwoods by numbers rather than mass or weight.

How did you know the water was cold without entering it, even if not up to six feet?